MyTime is the omnichannel solution that empowers multi-location enterprises to drive retention and growth.


Robust open APIs

With MyTime’s open APIs, you can boost operational efficiency with a comprehensive scheduling solution that seamlessly integrates with your current POS and other mission critical systems.

Service staff can utilize automated marketing and intelligently personalized messaging tools based on synced customer profiles, preferences, and purchase history.


Integrated, modular cloud solution with SSO

Enterprises can choose from MyTime’s modular product components to create a customized scheduling, POS, and customer engagement platform for services-oriented businesses.

Our cloud-based solution offers your employees single sign-on authentication to grant instant access to all of our integrated product components from any device through an all-in-one dashboard.


Provisioned custom controls for added protection

MyTime specifically caters to enterprises with multiple locations and in-store services with numerous levels of management. We provide provisioned access and custom controls per location, store or regional grouping as well as by employee role, permissions, or category.

What’s more, your employees can enjoy untethered easy access to MyTime’s dashboard from any computer and mobile device in real-time so they can efficiently handle scheduling, POS transactions, or access client records and communications.


Audit trails with time stamps

With hundreds or thousands of employees, we know that auditing tools and accurate reporting is crucial to enterprise businesses.

That’s why MyTime provides a state-of-the-art audit trail tool with time stamps to create an accurate accounting of employee transactions.


Location management

MyTime understands that service-oriented enterprises have numerous regional, international, or subsidiary brands that require their own, at times autonomous, management tools.

Our platform dashboard comes enabled to group stores based on region, specialization of services, or any other grouping required by your business.



Secure, safe & compliant

Security is always top of mind for enterprises processing vast amounts of credit card transactions in-store and online.

That’s why we not only offer rock bottom credit card processing fees, we also eliminate the risk from PCI compliance through tokenization to help you avoid EMV liability issues.


Mobility & multi-device compatibility

MyTime is device agnostic – its scheduling and POS works on any platform, which means you can untether your service employees so they can book or take payments on any computer or mobile device.

Similarly, they can communicate on-the-go with their customers using MyTime’s real-time messaging right from their computer or mobile devices.


Analytics & reporting that provides actionable data

Every enterprise today needs the right big data analytics reporting tools to save on costs and improve efficiency.

MyTime made sure that its solution includes advanced, yet easy reporting tools to provide enterprises with insights into operational & staff productivity, tracking customer behavior for predictive patterns, and marketing attribution for quick ROI calculations.


White label solution

MyTime is a white label solution enabling branding throughout the product so that your logo or those of subsidiary businesses can brand any part of it.


Dedicated implementation & onboarding team

Although MyTime is easy-to learn and is up and running in no time, we do have a stellar dedicated and experienced implementation & onboarding team offering a white glove service for our enterprise clients.