The Leading Point of Sale and Appointment Scheduling solution designed for the Franchise Community

Help franchisees grow and manage their businesses, while providing home office staff with the tools they need to track metrics, royalties, and subscription management.

Scaling your Franchise

Why buy from multiple vendors and make franchisees jump between incompatible systems?

MyTime provides your franchisees with a cloud-based integrated platform that includes in-store & online appointment booking, comprehensive point of sale and credit card processing, automated email and SMS marketing, and advanced reporting & analytics.

It’s 100% cloud-based so it’s easy to provision, easy to learn, and seamlessly syncs with any legacy systems already in place. Everything in MyTime can be accessed from a web browser or mobile device, including the POS terminal.

Whether your network includes two or two-thousand locations, MyTime helps scale your mission critical processes – from appointment scheduling to client management to email marketing to integrated payments – that are required to successfully grow your network and help your franchisees reach their full potential.

Key Features

Uniform Processes, Centralized Records, and an All-in-One Dashboard

MyTime unifies everything into a single all-in-one dashboard that lets franchisees see the KPIs that really move the performance needle. Set time-based goals and benchmark performance against other franchisees to encourage better performance (coming soon).

Secure Credit Card Transactions & Integrated POS

MyTime includes a comprehensive, secure and scalable payment solution for franchises for both online and in-store purchases.

We’ll ship all the necessary hardware including key injected credit card terminals with EMV support. Our POS solution keeps franchisees out of PCI scope and we can even offer them rock bottom credit card rates by combining the purchasing power of your entire network.

Track Franchise Performance & Productivity Analytics

Each franchisee location feeds into our extensive analytics and reporting system, giving you the kind of granular analytics you need to understand what’s working and what isn’t.

Get royalty reporting at the touch of a button and track key performance indicators like productivity, revenue and utilization across & by location for intelligent analysis and immediate decision-making.

MyTime’s dashboard can generate over 50 built-in reports that can be used to breakdown revenue, productivity and performance reviews by location, by service, or even by staff member.

Implementation, Onboarding & Training

Getting hundreds of franchisees and their staff on the same page seems like it would take time and be quite costly; but MyTime’s solution is well designed and easy-to-learn.

We’ll migrate your data from your legacy system and provide custom training materials, onboarding and white glove service as new franchisees adopt the system.

Ready to get started?